Thank you for all your help in scheduling aides or doing it yourself. You provide a much needed and appreciated service. The ladies mom had she really liked...she couldn't remember their names.  (Spring City, PA)

— Waynette S.

Janet was great. I felt confident leaving my mother in her hands. Hope to use your company and Janet again. (West Chester, PA)

— Ruth V.

...thanks for you at Seniors Helping Seniors for your fantastic support for [mom] during her difficult final days. Eleanor, Frances, Julie, and Nelda were all terrific! (Devon, PA)

— Scott H.

Elaine has been a big help to me...and I know my Dad appreciates all her efforts. I know it hasn't been a 'piece of cake' for Elaine, but she has risen above Mom's negative words and behaviors....but says she has a good day with Elaine 🙂 Your services and Elaine's have been above par... (Pottstown, PA)

— Wendy C.

Mom just loved Ann almost immediately! What a God send! We will be in touch if these services are needed again. (Quakertown, PA)"

— Stacy M.

My time with my mother would not have gone as well as it did with out your great crew of care-givers. Linda, Bonnie, Nelda, Jennifer and Dorothy are very special ladies. Professionalism mixed with care and compassion that is just about and for mom...what else could a daughter ask for!!! Thank you so much for putting together this group of excellence!! (Phoenixville, PA)

— Pam W.

Regan is a dear, I hope I can keep her. (Mont Clare, PA)

— Nancy B.

Bob is doing well with all the aides. I am happy with his progress. Nancy was especially helpful this past Monday dealing with the gas company. (Phoenixville, PA)

— Marcia S.

Your team provides [mom] much care. Mary is particularly special. She waters Mom's plants for her, and makes her dinner. She went to visit mom the last time she was in the hospital - she is a very caring individual. My mom has acknowledged that. She does love big band music. And she loves a good movie. You guys have been great for her and I thank you for that. I hope you hit your pillow every night knowing the positive difference you are making Mom. When we cannot be with her, I am grateful that your team is there. Thanks again for all your flexibility...(Quakertown, PA)

— Matt V.

...[we] were cautious about having another stranger in the house, because by then, we were surrounded by physical therapist and visiting nurses but after meeting Al all caution dissolved. Al is the most caring, empathetic, and kind person we have ever met. On his first day, I didn't know what to expect but he looked through the garage, found everything he needed, and without my telling him what had to be done outside, he began working and at the end of his four hours a miracle took place in our back yard. My husband is feeling well now and Al is gone to help others but we will never forget him and the hours he spent here with us....always working and sometimes just sitting and talking to him during his recuperation. In a short time we became friends. I don't know what we would have done without him. (West Chester, PA)

— Peg H.

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