Carol is a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air! (Telford, PA)

— Mary Lou W

Seniors Helping Seniors must be the best caregiving company in the business. I can't say enough how much I appreciate everything you've done. We had another company before you and our experience was vastly different.

Thank you for all you've done. (Paoli, PA)

— Joanne L

Thank you for all your help in scheduling aides or doing it yourself. You provide a much needed and appreciated service. The ladies mom had she really liked...she couldn't remember their names.  (Spring City, PA)

— Waynette S.

Janet was great. I felt confident leaving my mother in her hands. Hope to use your company and Janet again. (West Chester, PA)

— Ruth V.

...thanks for you at Seniors Helping Seniors for your fantastic support for [mom] during her difficult final days. Eleanor, Frances, Julie, and Nelda were all terrific! (Devon, PA)

— Scott H.

Elaine has been a big help to me...and I know my Dad appreciates all her efforts. I know it hasn't been a 'piece of cake' for Elaine, but she has risen above Mom's negative words and behaviors....but says she has a good day with Elaine 🙂 Your services and Elaine's have been above par... (Pottstown, PA)

— Wendy C.

Mom just loved Ann almost immediately! What a God send! We will be in touch if these services are needed again. (Quakertown, PA)"

— Stacy M.

My time with my mother would not have gone as well as it did with out your great crew of care-givers. Linda, Bonnie, Nelda, Jennifer and Dorothy are very special ladies. Professionalism mixed with care and compassion that is just about and for mom...what else could a daughter ask for!!! Thank you so much for putting together this group of excellence!! (Phoenixville, PA)

— Pam W.

Regan is a dear, I hope I can keep her. (Mont Clare, PA)

— Nancy B.

Bob is doing well with all the aides. I am happy with his progress. Nancy was especially helpful this past Monday dealing with the gas company. (Phoenixville, PA)

— Marcia S.

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